Our holiday is slowly getting shorter and so is our time to prepare for 2018! Here are some great resources that might be useful to you this year. Remember, all resources on TEACHA! are made by South African teachers, for teachers! You are supporting your colleagues by downloading their resources. Yay! Sharing is caring (even if you have to pay a little fee for it…)!


  1. For Afrikaans language Foundation Phase teachers:

‘n Enorme Klanke Mengelmoeskardoes [R55]

Geïllustreerde flitskaarte in rymvorm (gebruik as spellyste of verwysingsbron) en werksvelle vir kort Afrikaanse woorde (klinkers, dubbelklanke, tweeklanke, drieklanke). Die werksvelle en flitskaarte is ook afsonderlik hier in My Klaskamer beskikbaar. [Bv. ‘n Klanke / Woordeskatboek, ‘n Dubbel-, Twee- en Drieklank Hersieningsboek Pakket]

Flitskaarte & Werksvelle [400+ bladsye]


  1. To plan your teaching life!

Various Teacher Planners (ook in Afrikaans!)

Check it out here

  1. Brighten up your classroom with 250+ posters to choose from…

View it here


  1. Get them organised with a homework booklet (also in Afrikaans) from Juffer!

Get it here!


  1. Is Maths a problem?

Start from day one with these Mental Maths exercises from Thinking CAPS, Millies or 1 Stop Learning Shop!

Check it out!





  1. One of our most popular resources… Afrikaanse Sigwoorde Gratis deur Spraakborrel!

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/afrikaanse-sigwoorde-gratis/

  1. Klasreëls/Class Rules by Juffer Juffrou (also super popular!)

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/klasreelsclass-rules/

  1. This one is for the Grade 1 teachers! Grade 1, Week 3 – Worksheets!

This 20-page folder includes an activity for red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Includes an activity for group work using the number line, includes 2 activities for big and small, includes an activity for number 1 and number 2, and revision for number 1 and 2, includes 3 Afrikaans pages for “Ek is Spesiaal”.

Get it now: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/grade-1-week-3-worksheets/

  1. Getal van die dag by Lomi!

Get it here: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/getal-van-die-dag/

  1. Afrikaans – Woordsoorte A4 Plakkate

Just too good to be true – A4 posters for your Afrikaans class.

Kry dit hier: https://teachingresources.co.za/product/afrikaans-woordsoorte-a4-plakkate/


With nearly 2000 resources to choose from, you can find anything you need on TEACHA!

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