Have you had a slow month lately? Want to ensure that you have that extra bonus before the end of the year? Scared that teachers might not be seeing your products? Here are a few tips to help you to increase your sales on Teacha!

Social Media

Social Media is a great platform for you to get your products ‘out there’. Many teacher groups exist on Facebook, such as Onderwysers! and Teachers in South Africa where you can promote your products for free. You can always create a Facebook page to accompany your Teacha! store and sell your products through the store. Remember that there are thousands of potential customers on Facebook – you may even want to make use of Facebook’s marketing tools to promote your products further.

Pinterest is another platform that you just HAVE to make use of. Millions of teachers worldwide and locally look to Pinterest for ideas – they might just come across yours and it can become a best seller!

Start a Blog

By writing about how you use your products in class, people can be inspired to want to use your products in class too. Ensure that you have a link to your Teacha! shop. You can also write blogs for Teacha!, which we can include in our newsletters and on our website.

Word Of Mouth

Have you told all your friends and family, your teacher friends and colleagues about your Teacha! store? This might help, especially because they know and trust you. You can also send emails to your colleagues and friends to inform them about your venture.

Ensure your store looks neat and your products are well priced

Our best selling products are well designed, but not too expensive. Our best selling products are between R10 and R40. Remember, your main customers are teachers who may not be able to spend a lot of money on resources. Also, ensure that your products look good and you have clear previews of what you are selling. A great example is ThinkingCAPS and Juffer.

Establish your target market

Remember that Teacha! is focused on South African teachers. If you know people are looking for certain resources, such as resources in a specific language, create it! The best selling products on Teacha! are the ones that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

More to choose from, more chances

The more products you have, the better your chances of it showing up in search results and also that you will be trusted more. Upload and create as much quality products as you can!

Teacha! is proud to have more than 200 resources uploaded since April 2015. We are a growing network of South African teachers and are proud to be associated with every single Teacher Vendor on Teacha!