Not sure how to use the online shop to buy the products?


How to register as a vendor

How to upload a product

Why sell your resources?

Our question is rather: Why NOT sell your resources? As a tech savvy teacher you spend hours to create your e-resources. Teacha wants you to become an edupreneur. There is an immense need for curriculum aligned products in Africa. Not only for visual presentations and interactive lessons, but also for worksheets, lesson plans, assessments and other resources. You put in the effort and get rewarded for your hard work in more than one way!

What does it cost?

Membership to Teacha is free! You can set up a shop and share your resources for free. However, for paid products, a 35% commission is payable. This means that you still earn 65% of your sales! No bank costs or charging costs whatsoever.

What can I sell?

You can sell any DIGITAL products on Teacha. The maximum size of files that you can sell is 32mb. You are more than welcome to sell files that are in a zip folder as well as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and even SMART Notebook files. You are only allowed to sell resources that are made by you and that does not hold any copyright.

How do I start selling my resources?

  1. Register on the My Account page and apply to become a vendor.
  2. Create your shop in Shop Settings  by adding descriptions.
  3. You can now start uploading your products. Please ensure that you always choose the DIGITAL DOWNLOADS option, and upload your product. You MUST attach a Featured Image as well as Gallery Images or else your product will not be accepted by Teacha.
  4. You must also provide both a short description and a product description.
  5. After your product has been reviewed, you will receive confirmation and your products will be sold!
  6. You will be notified via email if you receive any orders. You will be able to see sales statistics in your Vendor Dashboard.

Still not sure? We are here to help. Contact us at and we will provide you with support.

How and when will I get paid my profits?

Your profits will only pay out every two months if your profits are higher than R30. If it is not more than R30, your payout will only occur at the next payout dates.

We will contact you personally for your banking details when your profits are higher than R30 and will pay via EFT.

Payouts take place on the last day of the following months:

  • February
  • April
  • June
  • August
  • October
  • December

How can I promote my products?

If you want to get serious about selling your resources on Teacha, contact us about possibilities for extra promotion of your products with a combined social media and newsletter audience of more than 8 000 (and growing) teachers.

We can also arrange for your shop to be featured on the Home Page of Teacha at an additional cost.

How will I know if my products are being bought?

You will receive an email that will notify you about products sold in your shop. You can also monitor sales in your vendor dashboard.

Need more help? Contact us!