Are you stuck with downloading the products? Don’t worry! Follow our step by step guide to download your product in an instant!

1. How to choose a product

Hover over the product and click on ADD TO CART. Your product will now be in the cart and the green cart at the top right corner will now have a total next to it (except if it’s free!).

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2. How to see the products you added

When you click on the green cart button, you will be redirected to your cart where you will be able to see your products.

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3. How to go to the cart

Here you can see all the products. You can add a coupon code for a discount if you have one. Click on checkout if you are sure about the products you want to purchase.

4. How to pay for your products

You must first log in, register, or fill in your details before you can continue to Payfast to complete your order.

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When you have entered your details, click on the Place Order button.

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You will be redirected to Payfast, where you have to enter your name and email address as well as the payment details expected.

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How can you pay for your products? What payment methods do we accept?

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You will then be redirected to Teacha! where you can download the products you have bought.

5. How to download your products

Check your email for a link, or go to “My Account” if you can’t seem to find your downloads.

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6. I lost or deleted my files. Can I download them again?

You can find your downloads under My Account as well as details of all previous orders.

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Still not sure?