Learn to read Afrikaans with these workbooks. Ideal for Afrikaans Additional Language learners 🙂

All the pages of this Afrikaans Oxford Story Tree picture book are translated word for word from Afrikaans to English. Students will have a complete understanding of what they are reading. Throughout the workbook, they can test their understanding by doing the vocabulary activities.

To hear and practise the correct pronunciation of the sentences, go to YouTube and search the title of the book eg. “Biebie se vliegtuig”. This is of course free and you can subscribe to my channel to receive notifications for new uploaded videos.

After the student has worked through this printable book, he/she will be able to read this Afrikaans Oxford Story Tree book with full confidence. Most libraries keep these books or you can buy it from or (You don’t actually need the original book because all the sentences are in the work book – will just be nice to have the original one.)

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