Vraestel 1- Mondeling – Hardoplees – Toneel
– Luister en praat – TV advertensie
Vraestel 2 – Afdeling A – Begripslees
– Visuele teks 1 + 2
– Afdeling B – Taal in konteks
– Afdeling C – Letterkunde
– Verpligte vraag
– Keuse vraag
Vraestel 3 – Opstel – Verhalende opstel
– Transaksionele teks

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H & R Productions

We create PowerPoint lessons to help teachers make classroom lessons more interesting and easier to get the message across. After all, learning should be fun! With years of teaching experience, we understand how problematic and time consuming it is to create your own lessons. We've done the work and will continue to add more resources. Enjoy!

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