116 cards of fun! An activity that can be used as a teacher centered, pairs, groups or individually.
Each card has a picture and three sounds. Circle the beginning/ middle or end sound, depending on what the card is asking for.

1. Teacher centered – use as flash cards – identify beginning sound/middle sound or end sound
2. Use in pairs or groups with white board marker – learners can check each others
3. Individually – use white board marker to use as an individual identifying activity – add the correct sound at the back to make it self correcting.
4. Individually – use as above and do not add the sound at the back – assessment – identifies beginning sounds

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Mrs Owls

My Name is Samantha Armstrong, Im currently teaching grade 1 in the foundation phase and am also currently the acting HOD, I LOVE making products that are fun and colourful, making learning easier through playing games is my aim

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