Interactive worksheet about circuits, circuit components and circuit diagrams. Ideal for the learners who are still at home because of the photographs that are included of all of the components and circuits.


This product is a worksheet. The worksheet is both available in Word and PDF, there is also a complete memorandum in Word. The worksheet is about circuits, circuit components and the drawing of circuit diagrams. An identical version is available for purchase in Afrikaans. I successfully use this product in my own class and I’ve send it via Whats App to the learners who are still working from home. The photographs of the components and circuits helps the learners to visualize the everything and makes it easier for the learners who is not able to see it in class.

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Natural Sciences (gr 8-9) and Physical Sciences (gr 10-12) teacher at a departmental school in the Northern Cape. We teach in both Afrikaans and English, therefore most of my resources are in both languages.

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