This resource has 8 Construction themed playdough mats. Each mat has some simple instructions which ask the students to create something from playdough. Some skills covered with this resource are fine-motor skills and literacy skills such as reading, building vocabulary, comprehension and following instructions. Children also get to be creative, play and have fun while they are busy with the activity.

I would recommend putting out utensils to assist with the playdough creations. Utensil ideas: rollers, playdough scissors, plastic knives, forks, cookie cutters, dough syringes, small sticks e.g. match sticks, ice-cream sticks, beads etc.

These mats can be used as a whole class activity. You could give each child the same mat. Another option is to hand out a variety and they can swap with each other when they are done. Alternatively, children can use the mats as an activity when they have some free time. For younger students, who can’t read yet, the teacher can read the instruction to the child or simply let the child look at the picture and let them create what they want to. I also encourage the children to talk about what they have created. It gives the children a chance to review their creation and to self-assess whether or not they have followed the instructions. It also gives insight into how they child has thought and processed something. Sometimes it is difficult to to get to each child, so speaking to a friend is also encouraged. Walk around the class and listen to what they children are saying.

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Robyn Keudel-Schaffer / Treasures for Thematic Teaching

I have been involved in education for 14 years. My experience includes pre-school as well as junior and senior school. I am involved in a mentorship programme that provides extra guidance to people who are training to become teachers. I am now currently a stay at home Mom, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with my little boy. Since being at home, I have co-authored two English text books for the country of Rwanda. I enjoy new and creative ways of teaching content and skills to my students. Not everyone learns the same way and I enjoy finding methods that help benefit all those that I teach.
I love working with themes and find this enhances cross-curricular teaching in my classroom.
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development – Foundation Phase.)
Advanced Certificate in Education (Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase)
Honours Bachelor of Education in Inclusive Education (Cum laude)

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