– ensure that all students are familiar with the Creation story as told in Abrahamic religions.
– be able to define Creationism in broad terms.
– know how Martin Luther interpreted the Creation story
– be aware of different Creationist viewpoints, especially Young Earth theory; Intelligent Design and Theistic Evolution
– be aware of the views of various Christian leaders
– be aware of the views of other religions
– be able to support the Creationist argument with evidence from the Bible
– Know the story of Adam and Eve
– explain how satellite imagery has been used to try to identify the site of the Garden of Eden
– describe why Abraham is regarded as important in the Abrahamic religions
– be familiar with the story of the Queen of Sheba and describe how DNA evidence is used to trace ancestry.

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Experienced teacher, over 35 years of teaching experience- ranging from homeschoolers and schools for gifted children to mainstream state and private schools.

I successfully ran my own medium-sized home school for many years with fantastic results (particularly with challenged learners), even receiving an award from the Gauteng Department of Education; prior to retiring to a small town in KZN where I continue to teach at a lovely private school known for its academic achievements.
My resources are a culmination of my life’s work and aim to provide a well rounded approach to education, focusing particularly on areas where current curricula are lacking in guidance.

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