Electromagnets and Magnetic Fields + free bonus literacy in Science bundle of 18 informative and fun articles with questions, along with 30 Famous Scientists posters a wall display of 30 scientists, each on A4 with a picture, synopsis of life, fun and thought provoking quotes.

Thank you for taking the time to view my premium resource. It is designed to provide you with a lesson in which pupil’s progress, the lessons follow a pathway; prepare for learning, lesson objectives, present new information, construct on that information, apply and demonstrate, review and consolidate.

Each individual lesson overview is presented below, however most of my premium resources follow the same format, which is:-

All power points to tell a story

Learning objectives clearly and uniquely visually linked, short, relevant and punchy, revised a minimum of 3 time a lesson.

Fun pictures all over to help tell the tale.

All slides plain black background font comic sans minimum 24 for contrast and easy to read at the back.

As many fun, creative and original practical’s built in to lessons as could be implemented.

All resources produced and stored for each lesson.

Practical instructions given along with prep room requests.

TEEP embedded, alongside philosophies from working with the Stimulating Physics program.

This resource will provide you with a great lesson and save you that precious commodity – time

Lesson overview

Quick Quiz

Magnetic field around a wire

Field lines

Right hand rule

Field lines in a coil

A solenoid

An electromagnet

Build one – practical, how do you increase the magnetic effect

How a speaker works

2 + 4 = 6

Literacy in Science

Each text is written in an informal manor, describing in detail the science behind the title, followed by 3 – 4 questions from which the pupil has to dissect the answers from the text or formulate their own ideas.

Each article and set of questions is 2 sides of A4 in length.

1. A child of the Stars – where were you made?

2. Are we being watched – the difficulties of searching for alien life.

3. Bernadette the deadly yellow boxfish – she’s beautiful but evolution has packed a deadly punch, let Bernie tell you all.

4. Earthquakes and your fingernails – how do they happen and why are they like your fingernails?

5. Mass and Weight – what’s gravity got to do with it!

6. Nuclear Power part 1 – how we get electricity from the atom.

7. Nuclear Power part 2 – Time line of an explosion, and nuclear meltdown.

8. Red shift, The Doppler Effect and the Expanding Universe.

9. Samantha the red serpent star, let Sam describe her amazing biology to you.

10. SAR 11 – So just what is the most important life in the ocean?

11. Sir Isaac Newton, William Hershel and fluorescent corals – Ok just what have these in common.

12. So what is electricity – let your students ‘go with the flow’!

13. Sid the Sponge – Don’t take a bath with me, allow Sid to describe himself.

14. That old bar magnet called earth – magnets, solar wind and dead planets.

15. The Blue Dragon

17. The empty sea, a sad but true tale.

18. The immortal jellyfish

Famous Scientists

Wall display of 30 scientists, each on A4 with a picture, synopsis of life, fun and thought provoking quotes.

Galileo Galilei

Marie Curie

Isaac Newton

Charles Darwin

Sigmund Freud

Albert Einstein

Ada Lovelace

Nikola Tesla

Max Planck

Louis Pasteur

Niels Bohr

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Alfred Nobel

Alexander Graham Bell

Edwin Hubble

George Washington Carver

Lise Meitner

Jane Goodall


Barbara McClintock

Dorothy Hodgkin

Stephen Hawking

Benjamin Franklin

Michael Faraday

Thomas Edison

Leonardo da Vinci

Garrett Morgan

James Watson

Irene Joliot-Curie

Rachel Carson

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I strongly believe that lessons should be fun, with this in mind all lessons are creative in their presentation loaded with images to link the information. Due to a distinct lack of good physics teachers I was tasked to leave biology and develop the curriculum teaching the subject whilst developing new and exciting ways to deliver the subject. Over the years I have developed a distinct style in lesson delivery concentrating on new and engaging methods to inspire the students to progress to AP Physics and beyond. I am the sole curriculum developer for grades 6 to 10 in my school and undertake whole school training in teaching and learning to constantly develop the teaching talents on a whole school basis. The science department is rated in the top 10% of schools delivering this subject.

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