ENGLISH READING PROGRAM GRADE 1 LESSON 11 – 20 (Bundle 2/4) Loads of resources! BARGAIN!


These resources form part of my ENGLISH READING PROGRAM for GRADE 1. This is the second bundle of four.

These resources are all linked to FREE YOUTUBE videos AND form part of my still developing ENGLISH READING PROGRAM for GRADE 1 learners.

You will be able to download all the FREE YOUTUBE videos directly from my YOUTUBE channel. Click on the link and go to videos: All the videos are available in the video list. You can download all the videos FREE using YOUTUBE downloader. That way you don’t have to use data to stream, but can save your videos on your computer or hard drive to use as you need them. It is easy and convenient.

This is the second bundle of 4. (There will be 40 lessons for Grade 1 with 10 lessons in each lesson. You can use one lesson per week. The lessons can be presented as one lesson or you may divide the week’s lesson into smaller parts. Whatever works best for you.

This bundle includes resources for teachers and worksheets and/or reading cards for the kids. There are over 100 resources in this bundle. It is a bargain that you can’t miss out on.

You can combine this Reading program with any other reading program. Each lesson is designed for one week. You can present the lesson in one long lesson or you can divide the lesson into smaller parts. It all depends on your kids in your classroom. Whatever works best for you.

English is my second language, so if you prefer to turn down the volume or pause the video and use your own voice or accent, you are more than welcome to do that if you prefer it that way.

Some of the lessons have more than one video to help you present your lesson. You can also buy each lesson separately if you prefer it that way.

To make it even more convenient for you, I will place the links of the main BONUS FREE videos here. Click on the links to download the videos. All the other video links can be found in the description of each video. Have fun with the videos and resources in your classroom.











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