I have created these cards to assist in building basic vocabulary for animals that would fit into a farm theme.

These cards cover some of the following information:
Masculine, feminine and diminutives
Collective nouns
Basic products we get from the animal

These cards can be used in a variety of ways. Examples include
Matching, sorting and memory games
Reading & flashcards.
Stick them back to back and bind them together with a metal ring. Children can use them to learn and test new vocabulary.

I recommend printing these out on light card and laminating them for durability.

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Robyn Keudel-Schaffer / Treasures for Thematic Teaching

I have been involved in education for 14 years. My experience includes pre-school as well as junior and senior school. I am involved in a mentorship programme that provides extra guidance to people who are training to become teachers. I am now currently a stay at home Mom, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with my little boy. Since being at home, I have co-authored two English text books for the country of Rwanda. I enjoy new and creative ways of teaching content and skills to my students. Not everyone learns the same way and I enjoy finding methods that help benefit all those that I teach. I love working with themes and find this enhances cross-curricular teaching in my classroom. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development - Foundation Phase.) Advanced Certificate in Education (Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase) Honours Bachelor of Education in Inclusive Education (Cum laude)

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