FREEBIE targeting Multiple meaning words. The full version is an interactive game targeting vocabulary and spoken language skills (antonyms, synonyms, categories, adjectives, compare/contrast, associations, multiple meaning words, WH questions).


Don’t Set Off The Bomb! is a PowerPoint game that is fully interactive and is designed to generate multiple productions of a target sound for articulation practice. This game is perfect for use in therapy and practice at home!


20 squares are shown on each game board. Beneath the squares are 19 pictures or words relating to the language area and 1 bomb picture. When the squares are clicked, they turn over to reveal the word/picture beneath. The object of the game is to click on as many pictures as you can before clicking on the square with the bomb beneath it. When this happens, the game is over and the player moves to the next game board. As each picture is revealed, say the the word to target the sounds.

Included in this resource:

  • Multiple meaning words (4 boards: 2 boards easier/2 boards harder targets)

Included in the FULL VERSION:

  • Antonyms (10 game boards: 5 boards easier/5 boards harder targets)
  • Synonyms (10 game boards: 5 boards easier/5 boards harder targets)
  • Categories (10 game boards: 5 boards identify the category/5 boards name items in a category)
  • Adjectives (10 game boards: 5 boards easier/5 boards harder targets)
  • Compare and Contrast (10 game boards: 5 boards easier/5 boards harder targets)
  • Associations (10 game boards: 5 boards identify a word that goes with the target word/5 describe how two words go together)
  • Multiple meaning words (10 game boards: 5 boards easier/5 boards harder targets)
  • WH Questions (30 game boards: 5 boards WHO/5 boards WHAT/5 boards WHEN/5 boards WHERE/5 boards WHY/5 boards HOW)
  • 100 game boards total!


The game can be played on computer, iPad, and tablet. You will need to have the PowerPoint app installed on your iPad or tablet (free or paid version).

The PowerPoint that will be download is suited to both Windows and iOS.

This is a digital download and is designed to be NO PRINT.


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