GR4 – Summaries for Natural Sciences & Technology (NST) Term 3


This product contains the whole term 3 work for NST Grade 4:

Topic 10:  Energy and energy transfer
Topic 11:  Energy around us
Topic 12:  The movement of energy in a system
Topic 13:  Energy and sound
Each topic contains the key concepts and key words with matching pictures / photos.  There is a “test your knowledge” at the end of each unit with relevant MEMO’s.

The whole package includes:

Index for the term
Key concepts and key words on separate pages
Brain map on one page of the term’s work
Each topic summarised separately with key words (with pictures), key concepts, more details, reference to the relevant page numbers in the textbook (Platinum), test your knowledge at the end of the section as well as a memorandum.
There is a separate document with extra worksheets for each topic, as well as a term assessment with relevant memo.
What has changed?

Key concepts and key words are now colour coded according to the different topics.
Expansion of the unit now contains pictures for the key words as well as a test your knowledge section with answers.
Separate worksheets, where learners can write down their answers or make drawings as applicable.
The question and answer section has been replaced with the worksheets.

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