Grade 2 Phonics and Spelling Book A
This book contains PHONICS ACTIVITIES, WORD LISTS and FLASHCARDS. 87 PAGES! A range of activities included to reinforce spelling and phonics skills and use the spelling words in context. Three books in the series. Activities in books A, B and C include: word tracing, fill in the missing letters, word shapes, word search, crossword puzzles, rainbow writing, close procedure, reading a story, writing sentences, labelling, colouring and drawing. School font used. The book can be used for Grade 2 or to assist Grade 3 learners. Simple, easy to follow format to suit the Foundation Phase Learner.
The following sounds are included:
e, ea
o, a
u, o
i, e
oo, u
ch, tch
c k ck ch
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Inquiring Minds

The seller is a full time Remedial Therapist and has worked with children from Grade 0 to 7. In addition, she has a full time private practice assisting children with learning difficulties. The seller is trained in Foundation Phase Education and Learners with Special Needs. She is also trained in several phonics programs and study skills. She has taught in the U.K. and South Africa, with over 15 years experience in schools and the classroom.

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