This product contains the following for grade 4 term 4:

NST – Natural Sciences and Technology
SS – Social Sciences – History
SS – Social Sciences – Geography
PSW – Personal and Social Well-being

Life Skills:

Chapter 20 – Traffic rules
Chapter 21 – Personal and household hygiene
Chapter 22 – Healthy environment and personal health
Chapter 23 – HIV / AIDS

Natural Sciences and Technology

Topic 14: Planet Earth
Topic 15: The Sun
Topic 16: The Moon
Topic 17: Rocket Systems

Social Sciences: Geography

Unit 1: Uses of water
Unit 2: Water as a resource
Unit 3: How people get their water
Unit 4: Pollution and waste water

Social Sciences: History

Unit 1: The San and the oldest forms of human communication
Unit 2: The postal system
Unit 3: The radio
Unit 4: Early typewriters before electricity
Unit 5: The telegraph
Unit 6: The telephone
Unit 7: The camera
Unit 8: The television
Unit 9: The personal computer, the internet and the cell phone

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Each subject contains an index for the term, key words and key concepts on separate pages, mind map, detailed summaries and worksheets.

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