Grade 5 Mathematics June Examinations with Memoranda


This product includes Grade 5 June Examinations Paper 1 and 2. The papers total 100 marks together and cover all Grade 5 content for Term 1 and 2 including:
– Whole numbers
– Counting, ordering and comparing numbers
= Addition and subtraction of whole numbers
– Common fractions
– Multiplication and division of whole numbers
– Patterns, functions and algebra
– Number sentences
– Numeric patterns
– Geometric patterns
– 2D Shapes
– 3D objects
– Time
– Capacity and volume
– Length
– Collecting and organizing data
– Representing data
– Analysing, interpreting and reporting data

Both papers come with a memorandum.

There is also a cognitive analysis tool. This shows the coverage of the 4 cognitive levels in the assessment. There are letters next to the mark allocation in the memoranda that correspond to the various cognitive levels.

These assessments are in PDF format. For editable versions of the exams, click here:

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