This test contains original questions on the chapters completed in Term 1 (CAPS).
Memorandum included
This test consists of 5 pages, 50 marks.

If you are interested in the Afrikaans test you can buy the test and memorandum separately under:
Graad 9 Tegnologie Kwartaal 1 Kontrole Toets

Question 1: Multiple choice (5 marks)
Question 2: Technical drawings (theory) (7 marks)
Question 3: Forces (static/dynamic, even/uneven, ect. ) and properties of materials (steel, rust and
prevention of rust) (12 marks)
Question 4: Forces (tension, torsion ect.) (6 marks)
Question 5: Properties of materials (density and properties of wood) (10 marks)
Question 6: Properties of materials (hardness, ductility, heat conductivity)

There is no copyright to the resources used in the worksheet and the references for the resources are included in the worksheet.

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