This worksheet contains original questions on the topic Cells. Learners need a light microscope to complete this investigation.
This test consists of 6 pages, 30 marks.

Memorandum included (English)

Question 1 – Learners must study and draw a plant cell (cell from onion epidermis).
Question 2 – learners must answer questions from information given in a table. Also draw a graph
Questions 3 – leaners must answer questions on a micrograph.
Question 4 – learners must answer a question on the light microscope.

There is a strong focus on the scientific inquiry and scientific skills evaluated include observing, inferring, predicting, analysing and interpreting data. Challenging questions are posed to the students with the content represented in a new context.

All resources (photos) used in the worksheet was created by the Author and therefore there is no copyright to the images.

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