One of South Africa’s 11 official languages is isiZulu. This resource is made up of 20 different farm themed flashcards in isiZulu. The pictures used are of real animals / objects. There are cards for the following animals and objects:

1. Cow
2. Sheep
3. Goat
4. Donkey
5. Horse
6. Pig
7. Hen
8. Duck
9. Rabbit
10. Goose
11. Rooster
12. Turkey
13. Dog
14. Cat
15. Tractor
16. Barn
17. Hay bale
18. Duckling
19. Lamb
20. Calf

I have provided some ideas on different ways these cards can be used in your classroom. Ideas include games, discussion ideas and more. For the games, I print four copies of the cards, which gives me a total of 80 cards. I laminate them for durability.

Please note that I do not speak isiZulu and have tried my best through many hours of research to create resources that can benefit children learning in their home language. I also wanted to provide learners who are learning isiZulu as a first or second additional language, with resources that can aid them in learning this language in a fun way. Please contact me should you have any questions, changes or suggestions.

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Robyn Keudel-Schaffer / Treasures for Thematic Teaching

I have been involved in education for 14 years. My experience includes pre-school as well as junior and senior school. I am involved in a mentorship programme that provides extra guidance to people who are training to become teachers. I am now currently a stay at home Mom, enjoying the opportunity to spend time with my little boy. Since being at home, I have co-authored two English text books for the country of Rwanda. I enjoy new and creative ways of teaching content and skills to my students. Not everyone learns the same way and I enjoy finding methods that help benefit all those that I teach.
I love working with themes and find this enhances cross-curricular teaching in my classroom.
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development – Foundation Phase.)
Advanced Certificate in Education (Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase)
Honours Bachelor of Education in Inclusive Education (Cum laude)

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