Naturals Science and Technology – Grade 4 : Term 3


Summaries about the following subjects:

1 Energy for Life
2 Energy from the Sun
3 Energy can be stored and transferred
4 Input and Output of Energy
5 Movement and Musical Instruments
6 Vibrations and Sound
7 Making Sounds
8 Noise Pollution

Detailed summary of subject includes:

1 We use energy for everything we do / We get energy from our food / Energy in food comes from the Sun.
2 Energy from the Sun / Energy Chain
3 Energy around us / Sources of Stored Energy / Energy can be transferred / Flow Diagram
4 Input and Output of Energy / Electrical appliances
5 Movement in musical instruments / Types of musical instruments / Musical instruments have parts that move or vibrate / Indigenous African musical instruments (gwashi / Mbila mutondo / umqangala / mbira / horns / drums)
6 Vibrations and Sound / Sound waves move outwards from the part that vibrates / How do we hear sound? / The Ear / Hearing and Feeling vibrations.
7 More input of energy makes sound louder / High and Low sounds / Pitch
8 What is noise pollution? / Volume / Decibles / Hearing-Impaired

Platinum Handbook used.

Created and designed by My Skool Goeters – 2019.

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