A 5 part, 10-hour lesson series that integrate Mathematics, English Language Arts, Geography, Creative Arts and Technology. In these lessons, learners are guided through the process of planning their dream house and ultimately building a part of it in a 3D model. The series incorporates auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning opportunities so that there is something that will appeal to all learners. Along with the lesson resources are suggestions for teaching, additional online resources and ideas for extension.

Learners will be actively engaged in these fun lessons that appeal to every child’s sense of fantasy while learning valuable skills such as writing descriptive essays, planning, building 3D models and working with scale.

While these lessons are aimed at a Grade 5 level, they could very easily be adapted for a Grade 4 – 6 level.

A video of the story on which these lessons are based can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic1Y_mJlAlQ

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I enjoy planning and creating resources that will engage my Grade 5 students. I am blessed to have great resources at my disposal and I enjoy making full use of them. The time I spend with my students is the best part of my day! We love to have fun and we know how while still making the most of our learning opportunities.

Every day is an adventure.

You can check out my blog here to see how I use some of these resources in my own classroom.

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