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Rounding off is a topic a lot of children struggle to grasp. This resource pack includes a worksheet and memo as well as a fun, printable boardgame. Your child will master this topic in no time at all!
Rounding off Worksheet and Memo
This worksheet provides a fun, easy explanation to help your child understand how to round up and down.
Learn how to round off easily to the nearest 5, 10, 100 and 1000.
This colourful worksheet provides a method, examples for each section, and practice questions. It also includes a memo so you can check you’re on track!
Rounding off Boardgame
Here’s a fun way to practice and revise all your rounding off concepts.
Your child can play this super fun printable boardgame in a group or on their own.

A super-fun way to practice the skills they need to become masters at rounding off!
Clear instructions, a variety of 4 -6 digit numbers to round off, and a stunning board to play the game on.

Play in a group or on your own to revise and study rounding off.

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This resource pack includes the Rounding Off Worksheet and Memo as well as our super fun, printable Rounding Off Boardgame. Your child will master rounding off in no time at all!