The Oh So Exciting Activity Programme includes the following:
-Equipment lists
-Activity Cards

This programme is suitable to be used at school or at home. The main focus is on learning while playing and engaging with different materials/equipment. An emphasis is placed on developing the necessary skills required for academic learning in Grade 1.

Areas of development:
-Gross motor development
-Fine motor development
-Auditory perception
-Visual perception
-Receptive and expressive communication skills
-Cognitive/intellectual development
-Mathematical skills
-Emotional and Social development
-Development of independence

All downloadable material is subject to copyright. Please direct parents to the teachingresources/teacha website to purchase their own copy. This is also suitable as a homework pack for parents.

The growing child email subscription is not included when purchasing the pack from teaching resources. It is available at an additional cost.
This pack only contains the information for 4 to 6 year olds and not 2 to 6 as indicated on the image.

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Mrs B Remedial Support

I’m a Remedial Therapist working at a remedial school. I mainly work with Grade 1 to Grade 4 learners. I have a passion for reading and believe in a multi-sensory phonics approach to reading. I have achieved great results working with English and Afrikaans learners. I also have a passion for early childhood development and have developed a developmental stimulation programme for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. I believe that early intervention in all areas of development plays an important role in achieving academic skills at school.

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