SWOT Analysis – Learner’s worksheet, Teacher’s Guide and Video Tutorial

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A complete (2-3) lesson package that serves to cover the SWOT analysis. It can be used for grades 7, 8 or 9. The worksheet includes a number of engaging, group-based activities that get the concepts across while learners are having fun.

The worksheet also includes a video tutorial which conveys the essential idea behind the SWOT Analysis in 2 minutes. If the teacher does not have access to a device to project the video to the class, then the folder also includes the audio only file. Or the teacher can just teach the concept in the traditional way if he/she wishes.

The worksheet is designed to be used over at least TWO lessons – but can be extended to the three lessons.

Accompanying the worksheet is a detailed teacher’s guide. The guide directs the teacher on how to facilitate each activity in the classroom. This includes detailed instructions for each activity, practical suggestions on classroom management and additional material.

The purpose of the worksheet and teacher’s guide is to convey important concepts to the learners while keeping them engaged and participative. The material ensures the lesson is as productive as it can be, while reducing the pre-lesson preparation and in-class effort required by the teacher, as all the material and classroom management instructions are included.

*Please note: The Teacher’s Guide does not have to be followed 100%. It is only meant as a guide. The teacher can adapt the worksheet to suit his/her own style or preferences. But bear in mind that the guide is designed to deliver the optimal classroom experience.

*The video is in a zipped folder. This needs to be unzipped in order to access it.

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Ted Miller

After completing a B.Comm and PGCE at Rhodes University in 2004, I taught at a government school in Grahamstown for three years. While there I taught Accounting, Business Studies, EMS and Computer Studies across the primary and high school grades. Although I felt that those three years were rewarding, I struggled with the discipline aspect of the classroom. In hindsight, it was because I had no real classroom management skills/knowledge – and that I was short on ideas to get the class really engaged with the content. My training had not really emphasized these aspects of teaching (or I was not ready to take them in). It was only when I moved to London and completed a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) that I really learnt how to teach. And it was my subsequent teaching years at a London college (where we had regular teacher training workshops and lesson observations/feedback) that consolidated some really important teaching concepts, all of which are reflected in my worksheets.

My purpose is to fundamentally change the way schools in South Africa teach and run their classes – from an often dull learning environment, to one which is fast-paced, engaging, competitive and effective.

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