Listening and speaking
Rubric for telling news – Uses sequence
Listens to instructions/announcements and responds appropriately.( 2 options – draw a burger/dinosaur)
Listens for details in a story and answers open and closed ended questions

Identifies sequence and setting of a story
Rubric – Reads big books or enlarged text with the teacher
Answers higher order questions based on a passage
Interprets information from simple tables
Rubric – Reads aloud from own book and reads with increased fluency
Rubric – reads aloud to partner

Recognises common consonant digraphs at the beginning of words
Uses consonant blends to build up and break down words
Phonics test page with rubric
Group common words into sound families

Forms frequently used capital letters
Copies and writes short sentences correctly

Creative Writing
Writes a message on a card
Writes at least 2 sentences of own news
Begins to use punctuation – capital letters and full stops
With help uses nouns and pronouns in writing.

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July 31, 2018 Haseena

please assist I have downloaded many times and it is still not opening

Mrs Owls

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