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i cannot open this zipped file it downloads it all the wayn to the end and then says file cannot be opened ::

August 11, 2020 Lee Austin Dr Seuss Theme Classroom Resource Set

Dr seuss classroom set ::

January 8, 2020 Casey Blignault Dr Seuss Theme Classroom Resource Set


The y and t are not in proper junior font so cannot be used and shapes might work better if it only has the outlines as it takes a massive amount of ink to print, also would have liked the welcome sign to be included.

doesn't want to open ::

December 15, 2019 Simone22 Mickey Muis Klaskamer Tema Stel

i have downloaded the file but when i want to open it, it says that the file is damaged


July 3, 2019 Wilsonamyleigh Theme Wall Poster Set – Colours


May 30, 2019 AnneJ11Nov Space Weather Chart