• The Early Learning Program (TELP) Store
  • TELP Curriculum
    TELP’s literacy-focused curriculum and support system are designed for
    pre-school and kindergarten children ages 3-6. The program is designed
    to enhance existing classroom curricula by specifically focussing on improving
    children’s early literacy skills and knowledge.
    Our mission is to support teachers and parents by providing unique,
    high-quality educational resources that enhance instruction and provide
    engaging learning experiences that meet children’s individual needs.
    Our research-based curricula integrate international English Language
    Arts standards and reading foundational skills supporting holistic learning
    and development.
    We have built our curricula by attracting experts from all corners of the
    field of education. We constantly incorporate feedback from parents and
    children, to ensure that our standards and expectations are achieved.
    Many of our students, parents, teachers, and management have helped us
    create our programs through surveys, focus groups, lesson reviews,
    round-table discussions, and product testing.