Term Test that cover Grade 10 work for Term 3 which include: Transport System in mammals, Lymphatic and Cardiovascular diseases and Biosphere with diagnostic analysis.
Focus Life Sciences Grade 10 Learner’s Book
Author(s):Clitheroe, F; Doidge, M; Marsden, S; Mbambisa, N; Rampou, S; Singleton, N; Stander, M; van Aarde, I
ISBN: 9780636128415
The Answer Series Grade 10 Life Sciences 3 in 1 CAPS
Liesl Sterrenberg & Helena Fouché
ISBN: 978-1-920297-85-5

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I have been teaching for 10 years, Natural Science for 3 years and Life Science Grade 10 and 11 for the past 7 years.

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