‘Theo The Fat Cat’ (Read, Write And Play) 3-7 years


‘Theo The Fat Cat’ (Read, Write And Play) 3-7 years

A series of work packs called ‘Read, Write And Play’, for children of 3-7 years.

For young children of 3-5 years, read the stories aloud and discuss the content of the story with the child, answering the questions. Get the child to draw a picture from the story. Help him or her write a sentence about it, so they can trace or copy over the letters. Make the puppet and act out the story.

For older children, aged 5-7 (who have some reading skills), get the child to read the story and answer the questions in sentences. The questions cover comprehension skills, retrieving information, using language and inference. Colour the pictures and then draw your own picture and write your own version of the story. Make the puppet and then act out the story with your child.

16 pages

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Guinea Pig Education


In 1990, Sally, a classroom teacher of thirty years experience, started a private tuition business – teaching children, of all abilities, one to one.

She felt there was insufficient material on the market, to suit the needs of individual pupils and began writing her own schemes of work.

In 2004, these schemes were developed into text books and sold to clients of GPE tuition and local parents.

Over the years the Guinea Pig range has grown considerably. Today, our 75 plus books and 500 plus teaching resources are sold in retail stores, educational establishments and online, both in print format and digitally across the globe. We are absolutely delighted to have been able to encourage and inspire so many children across the world to love learning. It is our absolute honour and privilege.


GUINEA PIG EDUCATION Creative Writing Books

Our creative writing books are designed to help children express their ideas; to make their imagination run wild; and to encourage them to write.

We believe in saturating even the most reluctant writers (whose minds go blank) with ideas and good vocabulary.

Our resources are successful because they employ the same unique strategies that are used in Sally Anne’s one-to-one private lessons.

Working through our books is like have a private tutor at your side, which is why they are so successful at building confidence and motivating students of all ages.

GUINEA PIG EDUCATION Phonic Reading Materials

An eight year old boy, called William, is the reason the Guinea Pig reading scheme exists. He was a very reluctant reader, who had barely made a start in acquiring literacy, but with our scheme he had fluency in nine months.

Our Learn To Read With Phonics reading scheme is a fast, fun way to teach a child to learn to read, in only 8 books. It uses an intensive course of systematic phonics.

It has helped hundreds of struggling readers become fluent in a few months.

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